Thank you to everyone who took the time give their responses to the survey and other feedback. We received 2,829 responses, which is 52% of all those invited to complete the survey.

Percentages of responses to key questions:

  • 90% rated the track & field, road running or cross-country championships in which they participated as good or excellent
  • 40% of those interested in track & field did not compete in the BMAF competitions because the locations were inconvenient
  • 50% of those interested in road running or cross country did not compete in the BMAF competitions because the locations were inconvenient
  • 40% would like trail running at different distances to be added to the BMAF programme of competitions                 
  • 60% are in favour of establishing  a network for masters specific coaching and 65% are favour of receiving more information on health and well-being
  • 65% agree they get enough masters athletics news, but if there were more, 75% would like more news of competition opportunities and upcoming events
  • 50% of newcomers find the BMAF structure easy to understand, rising to 65% amongst those with a BMAF area club longer than 4 years
  • 75% of those who raised a support query felt the response was good or outstanding  
  • 70% are users of Facebook, of whom 40% read the posts immediately and 55% thought they could be better
  • Less than 10% of are regular users of the BMAF website and more than a third would like to see improvements in all the major areas
  • 85% would be willing to participate in follow-up surveys on specific topics

These figures are rounded to the nearest 5% since the precise percentages are not important. The summary of answers to each question is here

We will provide additional feedback after further analysis of the results.

Walter Hill
Chairman of the BMAF

By admin