runner starts holding relay batonrunner starts holding relay baton

Ian Richards has posted the below text on the Torun GB Facebook page. Ian is handling these entries for BMAF at the Torun 2023 World Masters Indoors Championships. Let him know of your availability on

Ian hasn’t mentioned the mixed teams. I wonder how that is going to work?


Thanks to everyone who has let me know if they are likely to be available.

So far 31 men and 26 women have notified me with a breakdown as follows: M35-1, M40-1, M45-2, M50-3, M55-9, M60-9, M65-3, M70-2, M80-1: W35-5, W40-2, W45-6, W50- 2,W55-2, W60-5, W70-3, W80-1.

I am sure that there will be more as not everyone uses Facebook but these numbers suggest that we should be able to put out a good number of teams. Some will clearly not be competitive on paper but with these championships likely to be smaller than normal, most countries are going to be in the same position. Hopefully, these numbers will give everyone a guide as to whether they ought to try to put in a few good performances over the next two months to aid their chances of selection!

Please encourage those you know who intend to go but have not yet advised me, to do so. My list is still only an indicator and if people don’t let me know, it will have no bearing on selection.

For those who are not aware of the rules, if there are less than 4 in an age group, we can bring down any spares from a higher age group to make up a team. We cannot make super teams by replacing someone in an age group with an athlete from a higher age group who has a better performance record. We can only fill vacant slots.

Ian Richards – Facebook