I got into masters athletics about 10 years ago.

I had been a bit obsessed with sprinting as a child and spent lots of the school lunchtime racing in
the playground. I joined the local athletics club DFRC, in south Dublin, when I was about 8. I ran
competitively until I was about 12, giving up running at the age that many girls do, when I started
feeling uncomfortable about my body. The photo is from a sports day in the 70s where I picked
up the gold medal in some very 70s fashion!

I joined London Heathside in my 40s and quickly got back into athletics again, after losing lots of
weight and getting fit. I started competing again as soon as I could and was thrilled to feel the same
excitement again that I had as a child, out on the track, waiting for that gun to go off!

The bonus for me was to discover multi events, and I was soon trying hammer, shot, discus, hurdles
and jumping. The Masters leagues and competitions I took part in helped me to become confident
doing new events, the older athletes are so friendly and supportive. I take part in 2 masters leagues
now, SCVAC and EMAC (as second claim to Chelmsford). I am also second claim to my old club in
Dublin (now called DSD) and take part in regional (Leinster) and national championships.

I have also become a coach, and really enjoy supporting youngsters getting into competing.
I can thoroughly recommend Master’s Athletics to anyone thinking about trying out some
competitions or new events. I really enjoy travelling around to different tracks during the summer
months, meeting up with groups of athletes and competing as a team with them. I am 58 ½ now and
cannot see myself stopping for a very long time. I’ve been back in athletics for about 10 years now,
but I am just getting started!