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As part of the continuing changes to the organisation and structure of the British Masters Athletic Federation, two websites have been merged.

All the pages, posts and data that were formerly on the website (BMAF) are still there. The menu structure remains unchanged. Everything that you used to be able to look up there remains in place. If you find that this is not the case, please send the details to

In addition to the content you will also now find all the content from (MAUK). This website will shortly be deleted, for the time being it exists to provide redirection.

We are aware of one problem associated with the merger of the two sites, which is that some of the featured images on MAUK posts have not been carried across. This problem is being addressed gradually post by post.

If you identify any other problems please let us know at or by using our contacts page

What you will notice is that the BMAF website now looks very different. We believe this is a more dynamic and interesting look, more in tune with an organisation in the throes of change.