Medals ready for presentationMedals ready for presentation


Wendy Kane, one of this year’s organisers, not only exceeded her targetted 520 entrants by quite a long way, she assisted Sharon setting up and operating the presentation area near the start/finish area. Presentations generally took place soon after an event so very few of us missed our slot.

A very nice touch.

Inspirational Stories

Alex Rotas (a frequent presence on these pages) found such a story in Mick Herring and has published it on her page on Facebook

My apologies to the many inspirational athletes I have not mentioned. Especially Anne Martin and Iris Holder


The event was covered on both days by YouTube. BMAF has a YouTube channel and is beginning to build up a catalogue of live streams. This weekend’s events can seen here and here.

A personal view

I thought they were a very fine Championships. Several things I enjoyed. For example, getting 4 medals in 5 events. The one I didn’t get was the 200m which is my best age graded score by a long way, and where I was beaten by the other three members of the gold medal winning relay team from Torun last year.


I’ve saved the best till last. The rules on officiating, who can and who shouldn’t, are quite strict now. All the athletes owe a great vote of thanks to those who have taken the time to qualify and who lend their expertise at these events.

There are many officials we meet whilst competing, at the entrance to the call room, on the start line and in the field, as well as those undergoing the stresses of operating complex and sometimes temperamental computer equipment to get the photo finish and all the other results out to a demanding audience.

‘There are never enough officials at our competitions and we need more people to take up this wonderful volunteering opportunity.  Further details can be found at .

And it is very pleasing for each competitor to have an acknowledgement of participation over the public address from our commentator.