The words of Susan Ridley Competitor and Walter Hill BMAF Team Manager

Susan Ridley who competed in all 3 races :-

“Enjoyed pushing boundaries and trying something new. You’re never too old to challenge yourself:

Walter Hill  Team Manager :-

“The LOC promoted an amazing off-road EMA Championships on a beautiful island in Machico Maderia. All 3 races were testing and challenging and although the Great Britain Team was small in numbers, they shone brightly throughout the 3 day challenge returning with a bag full of medals.


The results are beautifully tabulated on these links

Susan Ridley

Susan had considerable success with an individual medal in each of the three races (Gold in the Mountain Race, Bronze in the Vertical Race and Silver in the Trail Running)

Susan says

I wanted to thank you [Walter] for such a great job you did as team manager and for all the support you gave me.

A wealth of photographs

Susan Ridley on the beach and on the podium, and the M60 Mountain Race silver medallists Chris Upson, Steven Worsley and Ian Thurlbeck

And many more thanks to Kevin Gardner