9th May 2020 EUROPE DAY

Dear EMA Members,
Dear Athletes,

Since the total Lockdown in nearly all European countries, we have all suffered in different ways. But the top priority was to protect people who might be in mortal danger from Covid 19.

People have learned to become patient for months now, and to respect the strict rules given by local authorities. There is a light on the horizon now that the pandemic is calming down. Countries open the doors slowly and step by step to come back to a normal life.

Some of you stayed inside the house and did exercises. Others could go out and do some activities to keep their fitness. But competitions were not allowed. Stadiums have been closed and a reopening might be possible in the next weeks.

We all need goals in our life. We need a perspective to do a kind of planning – but we do not know when normal life comes back to all of us.

In recent weeks athletes were busy posting photos of past events on Instagram, Facebook, twitter and private homepages. Others started to motivate athletes to take part in VIRTUAL EVENTS. So do we now in cooperation with EMA Competition Partner OPENTRACK (the partner for EMACNS Madeira).

On May 9th 2020 we like to motivate you to run 5k – wherever you live. We have chosen the day because it is EUROPE DAY. For us the best promotion to look forward to think European – beside all the financial problems we have to solve in the near future – beside all the new challenges we have to face in the coming years.

Please visit this page, and like or share it on social media:

If you like to join us it will be a pleasure to see you run!
Choose your own route to run the 5k!

Use STRAVA, GARMIN, SPORTRACTIVE or other apps to provide evidence. You don’t need a GPS phone – you can carry a mobile phone.

Enter at the link above (You are registered? Use your name! You are not registered?  Follow the instructions! Any other problems? Contact EMA General Secretary or EMA President – we will support you.

There is help and a video of how to enter results here: https://docs2.opentrack.run/funstuff/strava_garmin_upload/

Enjoy your 5k and send us your video, your comments, your experience!

Kurt Kaschke, President, European Masters Athletics

By admin