To all Masters who have links with Road Running

It is imperative that I keep you all up to speed during these very difficult times.

As of today, the BMAF 10K Championship in Scotland has been postponed with 20th September proposed as the new date. I really hope it can happen then or later in the year, but who knows what will happen in the next 9 months. We will contact shortly all those who have entered this race via a personalised e-mail explaining their options.

The British Masters Road Relays in Sutton Park have now been cancelled for 2020.  The Government announcements and the social isolation of those over 70 creates an impossible dilemma for the BMAF.  Not only are many of our officials and marshals over 70 years of age we will also be depriving any athlete over 70 years the opportunity of participating. Furthermore ambulances are not now available to cover sporting events at this time.

The BMAF 1 Mile Championships in London are in the hands of the race promoters but I am sure this event will follow in the footsteps of the London Marathon and be postponed.

The 5K in Horwich is a mass participation event linked with their Festival of Sport.  Although taking place in June, I fear the UK could still be in some sort of social mass gathering lockdown.

All future updates will be via the BMAF Web site or via social media.

As Chairman of the BMAF my hands are tied, but I can assure all Masters that the BMAF Road Running Championships will return bolder, better and brighter as soon as possible

On a different subject: I wish to clarify our relationship with England Athletics and their Age Group Masters programme. The BMAF supports any project that raises Master Athletics. However, our involvement in this programme is minimal. Our only direct involvement is the BMAF Marathon Championship which has been promoted at the same Marathon that England Athletics use for their final. This has happened for the past 3 years where I have witnessed an excellent competition promoted at popular marathons on closed roads in the cities of Chester and York. The BMAF is not involved in the England Athletics Masters 10K nor their Half Marathon series.  This is not to say it won’t happen in the future but it has not happened yet.

During these very difficult times I am asking you to contact England Athletics directly as I am unable to advise or assist other than with our own BMAF Road Race series that is published on our web site.

Walter Hill
BMAF Road Running Secretary 

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