The event is a challenge from BMAF Services Limited for all masters athletes (anyone aged 35 or more) to get you back into action after Christmas. It will take place on a date of your choosing in the period 27 – 31 December. Entry/results via the link:

Entry is free for BMAF area club members, but you must name your area club as your chosen team in order to qualify. You can however add a donation to Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT) *, which this event is in aid of, using Just Giving.  If you use this page for your donation, you will be able to see how much has been raised and share the link with your friends for them to help as well as to enjoy the run.

You have an additional challenge to help your club achieve the largest number of finishers, expressed as a percentage of the current area club membership. Eligibility will be verified.

Entry costs £1 to non-BMAF area club members to cover BMAF administration/card processing costs but anyone not UKA-registered will have to pay a further £2 as per UKA rules, which will also be donated to TCT. Every finisher will be able to get a certificate including whether they were a member of the winning area club team. 

The Course: One or more circular or out and back loops totalling 10k. You must be fully aware of the dangers involved in participating and be responsible for your own safety, especially if using public roads. Running on a track is also allowed, but you will have to measure the distance you run on the track itself e.g. 25 laps of 400m each, because all GPS watches will overstate the distance on a circular track. The evidence of the time achieved can still come from your GPS watch.

Submitting Results: Athletes must record their performances using GPS devices and submit evidence with their result submission (via Strava or Garmin Connect).  Anyone not physically able to do this should contact us.

You or your club entries coordinator can enter your race result online via the link given above in the period 27-31 December with an extension to 1st January. For details of how to provide confirmation of your time refer to the OpenTrack documentation here. If this is not physically possible, then ask someone to witness your “race” and send the Race Secretary, Michael Graz of VAC/WMAL, an email to confirm your time.

Celebrating the success of the Event: Please send any stories of what this event has meant to you, together with any photos you may have, to or to the BMAF Facebook group.

Peter Kennedy
BMAF IT Manager/BMAF Services Ltd Chairman

BMAF Services Ltd
Registered in England No 11736307
Registered address: 6 Alfreda Rd, Cardiff,  Wales CF14 2EH

* Note:
The Teenager Cancer Trust 2020 is a registered charity: 1062559 (England and Wales) SCO39757 (Scotland). It is registered with the Fundraising Regulator. All monies received prior to the setup of a Just Giving page for this event, will be transferred to the charity. except for a small deduction to cover administration and card processing charges. We will publish a breakdown of the figures after the event is over. Details of the work of TCT can be found on their website

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