Thank you all so much for competing in this event – the very large numbers have helped it make it a success as well as the benefit it has brought to each person rising to the challenge.

The final results of the event are now available for viewing:

  1. in OpenTrack:
    You can look for specific results or filter by team or age group via the “Results” page
    or review the team results via the “Scores” page
  2. on the BMAF website:
    You can view the full list of results in PDF format, with age group rankings, team rankings, both overall and regionally (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)
  3. We have produced certificates for anyone coming in their top three of their age category or a member of a team coming in the top three of the team categories, either overall or in their region.  You can check in the list of results whether there is a certificate for you.  The certificates are listed in order of performance, ready for you to print in colour. (Please remember to print one page, not all 192 pages)

Some statistics for you:

  • 1,562 competitors registered, 1,230 of whom submitted their performance
  • There were runners from 230 clubs, 71 of whom had at least one team.  Steel City Striders had the largest turnout with 46 runners.
  • Only 12% of the runners were BMAF area club members. We wish a special welcome to the non-members!  Veterans had the largest turnout of the area clubs with 34 runners

Many of you will be competing in a national event for masters athletes for the first time and if you wish to know more about joining one of the 11 regional clubs to be able to compete in regional and national events at reduced costs, visit the BMAF website and read the newcomers section.  You also welcome to sign up to the BMAF Facebook Group, which is open to all, if you are not already a participant, and share your stories from the Virtual Mile.

We very much hope this is the last virtual event like this, because we should be back to real competition next month, starting with area club events, with regional/national events to follow. The 2021 BMAF One Mile Championships will not however take place on 30th May. London Marathon Events still hope to hold the Westminster Mile event, but it will be organised as a day of fun running, with no championships or other special races.  Instead, we will look forward to London 2022, with a target of seeing two waves of 400 masters athletes in action.  We will announce a revised programme of road running for 2021 as soon as we can.  One of its aims will be to solidify the support for the mile championships in 2022.

We are in the process of upgrading our communications technology and then we can ask for your specific feedback and what information you would like to receive in future.

Peter Kennedy
BMAF IT Manager/BMAF Services Limited. Chairman

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