Dear BMAF Member,

I understand there has been a little confusion relating to recent additions and changes to BMAF communications channels.

I want to assure you that nothing has changed. The BMAF is still the BMAF and the 11 Masters area Clubs are still the only clubs affiliated to the BMAF.

The BMAF website will become our historical information bank and encyclopedia of static information, including Governance and other similar information.

Spearheaded by Giuseppe Minetti, Head of Marketing and Communication at the BMAF, we have been developing a fresh approach to our communications.
The new website and Facebook page will become the communications and marketing platforms for the BMAF and are for those purposes only, primarily to bring you the information and support you want and need more easily.

To avoid repetition it will provide links to the new web-site for fixtures, entries and other current data.

It will become a one-stop-shop for all things master athletics-related. In addition, we hope this inclusive approach, with a wider appeal, will attract more members to Masters Athletics.

There are 10,000’s of over 35’s athletes in the UK who are under the radar and we need to encourage them to join a Masters Club, as at present we have something in the region of 3200 paid up members of the 11 Master’s Clubs.

Although we are expecting this number to increase due to “back to competition” we are also raising our profile across the UK with the help of the UKA and EA.