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The future of the BMAF – June 2020

Dear Members
You may be aware of a petition that has asked for the BMAF to be integrated within UKA. The petition has now been taken down.

I am for the sake of clarity recording my own thoughts and some past historical facts as Chair, which you can read here

The petition did not highlight that the BMAF is already affiliated to UKA and no further changes need to be made.  I was already in the process of strengthening links with the 4 home nations and aimed to meet with UKA before the posting of the petition.

These improved links will achieve greater recognition for the BMAF and Masters Athletics in the UK.

Walter Hill
Chairman of the BMAF


Individuals wishing to compete in a British Masters Athletics event for the first time can register as an Open member of the BMAF or join one of the masters area clubs/associations. For further information, reference the Newcomers menu

Entries for the BMAF Road and Cross Country Relay championships are made by UKA registered clubs: reference the fixtures list

Members Support

Area Club membership: contact your membership secretary via the Area Clubs page

For Open Membership: contact the Open Members Secretary for support

For entry to all BMAF competitions, refer first to the BMAF Fixtures page for further information, and then login to OpenTrack for entry to BMAF-managed competitions and information on the primary contact person for each competition


The BMAF uses OpenTrack as:

  1. The membership system for all area club members as well as the open members
  2. The competition entry system for most BMAF managed competitions
  3. Subscription to Athletics Weekly Magazine

Members should update their personal data in OpenTrack themselves including any change of address.

Partnership with Athletics Weekly

BMAF Subs Offer : £7.49 payable by Direct Debit.
Exclusive to BMAF members and lowest available
For further details, refer to the latest news article