Members Support

Area Club membership: contact your membership secretary via the Area Clubs page

For Open Membership: contact the Open Members Secretary for support

For entry to all BMAF competitions, refer first to the BMAF Fixtures page for further information, and then login to OpenTrack for entry to BMAF-managed competitions and information on the primary contact person for each competition

For support with Masters Athletics magazine subscriptions refer to the Masters Athletics Magazine page


The BMAF uses OpenTrack as:

  1. The membership system for all area club members as well as the open members
  2. The competition entry system for most BMAF managed competitions
  3. Viewing the latest editions of masters athletics magazines
  4. subscriptions to Athletics Weekly and Masters Athletics Magazine

Recent Events


For information on the BMAF refer to the menu headed Newcomers.  Anyone over the age of 35 is eligible to compete in masters athletics.

Guests: for information on joining as an Open Member refer to the Guest Competitors page

Join one of the Area clubs to be able to compete in all British Masters Athletics events at discounted rates.  Contact details and other information on the Area Clubs page

See below for quick links to each area club website.

Partnership with Athletics Weekly

BMAF Subs Offer : £7.49 payable by Direct Debit.
Exclusive to BMAF members and lowest available
For further details, refer to the latest news article