World Masters Malaga

The closing date to enter the World Masters Athletic Championships in Malaga is 11th July.

The event runs from 4th to 16th September and includes a full programme of track and field events plus cross country, race walks, 10km road race and a half marathon.

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European Indoor Photos

Tom Phillips has uploaded a wide range of photos from Madrid. To view, please visit

BMAF Indoor Photos

Tom Phillips has uploaded a wide range of photos from the BMAF Indoor Championships. To view, please visit

Partnership with Athletics Weekly NEWS FLASH


When we learnt that some of our members were already paying £7-99 for Athletics Weekly we could not rest.  Inspired by wanting the very best offer ,we contacted AW and to our delight this was their response.

 Athletics Weekly  have agreed to run a new BMAF AW Subs offer that beats £7-99  and is not only exclusive to BMAF members but  is also the cheapest AW subs rate in the market. 

BMAF Subs Offer : £7.49 payable by Direct Debit.

 Athletics Weekly recognises the growing importance of Masters Athletics and the BMAF want to play a part in this magazine which in our opinion is the voice of athletics in Great Britain.

For further details, refer to the earlier news article

Meet the New BMAF Communications Manager – Gary Leek

I am a competing masters 55 sprinter from Central Scotland competing both indoors over 60m and 200m also outdoors over 100m and 200m. I returned to athletics at the end of 2012 after inspiration from the London Olympics. I joined Blackpool Wyre and Fylde AC as was living in Blackpool at the time but returned to Scotland in February 2013. I compete first claim for Edinburgh AC.
My other roles within athletics include Head of Communications at Edinburgh AC, Coaching sprints locally at Law & District AAC and I am a photographer running Athletics Digital photo portal promoting athletics in Scotland with contributions from other photographers.
As Head of Communications with my club I have developed dialogue with members helping to bring the club together offering a sound channel of information available to the members. This has come from a redevelopment of the club website that is easily navigated to find information and news along with marketing materials for events and fundraising activities. Communications especially in such a large club like Edinburgh AC is important both internally and externally. Good media relations with local press to attract a greater exposure is also under way. Key members in the club are utilised for these activities to function.
My visions at BMAF are to include wider communications with the membership including the area clubs throughout the UK and to work on plans to give greater exposure for masters athletics in mainstream clubs. At Edinburgh AC we have a tagline of ‘Playground to Podium’ but this is extended to include masters because unlike many other sports athletics has no age barriers.
To achieve these goals research will be done to find out what the membership feels is currently missing and how these shortfalls can be addressed, identifying the strengths and weaknesses in every aspect of communication including how the BMAF can support area associations in order to achieve better relations and exposure.
Integrating masters events within mainstream events is also an area I am keen to help develop and promote with greater recognition from athletics governing bodies across the UK. These events will be in all disciplines including track and field, road running and cross country.
Awareness of masters athletics being the vital key area to develop and promoting to attract new or returning athletes to the fold. Many parents are ex athletes themselves from all levels including international. Having children now taking up the sport doesn’t mean parents have to just sit on the side lines. Encouragement by clubs to volunteer is good practice and helps develop a more socially knit club. To many though taking up active roles in the sport can be very daunting and masters equivalent of ‘try a sport’ days could help to nurture these first steps back or indeed first steps ever. I have a masters friend in Scotland who didn’t take part in athletics until he reached last sixties and is now enjoying a better lifestyle and social circle while competing in championships both national and international at a high level. We need more of these inspirational stories.
Greater interaction between members and BMAF will develop over the coming months in all aspects making for a more harmonised association.
If any individual, clubs or associations including governing bodies have any questions I am always available to listen and to try and help develop greater communications at all levels.
I can be contacted at
Contact no. 07715 444993