Upcoming Events

Road relays – Birmingham, 18th May
Mile Road Championships – London, 26th May
5km Road Championships – Horwich, 16th June
Track & Field Championships – Birmingham, 10-11 August
Cross-Country International, Southport, 16th November
Inter-Area Challenges: Indoor, Outdoor, Cross Country
England Masters Celtic Challenge: 10km, Half Marathon, Marathon

BMAF Indoor Champs Photos

Tom Phillips has uploaded an excellent selection of photographs from the recent BMAF Indoor Championships at Lee Valley. To view, please click here

World Masters Malaga Photographs

Photographs from Malaga – for those looking for photos there are many appearing  on facebook and there is also the official Malaga site www.malaga2018photos.com . However you should also note that there have been 2 official British photographers working trackside taking excellent photos.

Many will know Tom Phillips both as a competing athlete and a top rated sports photograher www.tomphillipsphotos.co.uk. Tom tries to take as many photos as he can of British athletes in action.  Photos taken at Birmingham are already there and no doubt Tom will be publishing hundreds from Malaga shortly.

The other photographer is Alex Rotas, not so well known but a regular at BMAF and international championships. Definitely worth taking a look at her work as she has a unique style taking photos with a different objective in mind. She shoots thousands of pictures focusing on the older ages choosing just a few and adds a few inspirational words about the subject. She looks for shots that show the pain, the agony and ecstasy of competition as well as the athleticism of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. She is an activist who wants to get older people more active and living life to the full trying to change the stereotype of older people by showing through her photos of master athletes what is possible. The media are really only interested in older athletes which is why she concentrates in that area. She has been very successful in getting her work published both in the UK and around the world aided by speaking tours and exhibitions. She has a huge following on Twitter and has a very impressive list of contacts. She was the one who got Channel 4 to come to the BMAF indoor championships a while back. Some of her photos are even being used in hospitals to motivate patients!  One of her photos taken in Malaga of GB walker Noel Blatchford (W70) with an inspirational  background story was seen by over 5000 people within days.  Well worth looking at her facebook page, website (alex rotas photography) or on twitter to see if your photo might be there. (From a privacy point you should note that she is an approved photographer at championships and when you enter you agree that your photo might be used).

BMAF T&F Championship Photos

Tom Phillips captures the action from day one of the BMAF Track and Field Championships. View

Recent Events

World Masters in Torun, Poland
24 March: Day 1
25 March: Day 2
26 March: Day 3
27 March: Day 4
28 March: Day 5
29 March: Day 6
30 March: Day 7 + Final Report

Team GB Top Final World Masters Medal Table

Great Britain and Northern Ireland’s fantastic team of over 700 athletes will return home having finished top of the medal table.

The amazing haul totalled 203 and included 80 Gold, 66 Silver and 57 Bronze.

The host nation Spain also amassed 80 gold medals but the GB team went above them by virtue of securing one silver more.

Germany, the USA and Australia made up the top five nations.

The final medal table is available here

Partnership with Athletics Weekly NEWS FLASH


When we learnt that some of our members were already paying £7-99 for Athletics Weekly we could not rest.  Inspired by wanting the very best offer ,we contacted AW and to our delight this was their response.

 Athletics Weekly  have agreed to run a new BMAF AW Subs offer that beats £7-99  and is not only exclusive to BMAF members but  is also the cheapest AW subs rate in the market. 

BMAF Subs Offer : £7.49 payable by Direct Debit.

 Athletics Weekly recognises the growing importance of Masters Athletics and the BMAF want to play a part in this magazine which in our opinion is the voice of athletics in Great Britain.

For further details, refer to the latest news article