I really want to thank everyone associated with the Meeting.  Everyone made me feel so welcome at the event.  Officials, check in clerks, call room attendants, etc… 

The weather was so refreshing from the 37 degrees (99 fahrenheit) at home in Texas.  I hope for the opportunity to join you again someday soon!

Thank you to all the organisers/officials/volunteers at the Championships this weekend. I had a fab time both as an athlete and call room steward, met lots of lovely people and watched some fantastic performances. The youngsters from Rushcliffe Athletic Club loved helping out in the call room. Thank you for inviting them.

They were all great in call room and we had a fun time thanks everyone.

The call room was really slick! (As was everything really) thanks very much to all who helped

Big thank you to all the athletes today on day 2 of the Masters. Your patience with us officials was so appreciated. See you all indoors

Congratulations to all concerned in putting on a fantastic day under difficult circumstances. The flexibility of call room staff in allowing athletes to check in ahead of cut off times to enable participation in events with simultaneous time slots. I was able to run and jump in all my chosen events. Thank you all

Teamwork and cooperation for the win.

As always the officials and athletes (I use the term loosely)😊came together as one to put on a great performance 👏👏👏

Huge thank you to the organisers, officials and everyone involved. So very much appreciated

Yes I was very impressed by the officials who were very patient with my slowness.

A big thank you to all officials and organisers for day 1 also. Even the rain couldn’t spoil it.

It was so well organised. Thank you to everyone, from the officials to the lovely ladies in the cafe. Great to have the juniors from local athletics clubs helping too. Having a podium was a great addition and made it extra special for the medal winners. Thank you all.

Thanks to the organisers for a great comp yesterday (and good luck to the ‘youngsters’ competing today 😉). My first nationals for about 4 years I think. Nice to be back competing again and reconnecting with old friends/competitors.

Thank you very much to all the organisers and volunteers at the Championships. It must have been challenging to organise the event at a different venue.It was my first time attending the Championships and there was a great atmosphere and lots of interesting people to talk to. It was my first track race for 2 years and I now feel full of enthusiasm for my next race.

I’ll add my ‘shout out’ to the volunteers, officials and organisers. I have contacted Scottish Athletics to get training as a future memebr of this team – lets all see if we can do our bit/lend a hand – without these folks meets don’t happen. Respect to the ‘Rushcliffe AC massive‘ who mucked in at short notice particularly on the long jump.